Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Grade 5 Structures Assignment

The grade 5's have been working very hard to complete their solid, strong and stable structures! They will share with the class on May 30th! Be sure to use the success criteria and evaluation rubric posted in google classroom to ensure you are meeting expectations for this assignment.

Science Space Gallery Walk

As a culminating task, students in grade 6 completed a research project about space. They will be sharing their learning on Thursday, May 18, 2017. I am looking forward to seeing/hearing from them!

EQAO Begins May 23

Students in grade 6 will begin EQAO testing on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. Our class will write during the first 100 minute block of each day, through to Tuesday, May 30, 2017. We  have been preparing for this test in class and I have done my best to reduce students stress around it, however it may be something you want to discuss with your child at home. The students have requested "special" treats for these days and we have agreed on fun things to include each day of the testing. Tuesday, May 23, they can wear their pj's and bring a few pieces of gum to chew. A reminder that this is only for the duration of the first block, and any gum will not be allowed after first break!

The grade 5's will report to other classrooms for this time period and have been given literacy tasks to complete. Please ask your child where they will be for the 6 days of testing. The office will also have a list of the grade 5 placements.

Monday, 8 May 2017

May Update!

Thank you to all the parents who stopped by last week (education week) to view our Norval Morrisseau masterpieces! We have had many compliments on this display! It really brightens up the main hall.

In language we have been talking about poetry, and students have been using similes, metaphors, and onomatopoeia to write a free verse poem. A few students will represent our class in the Junior Poetry Competition that will take place in the library on Tuesday, May 9th. If your child is presenting, please feel free to drop by and listen.

In math, we have finished our probability unit. Students have done a great job examining the differences between theoretical and experimental probability. They learned how to use tree diagrams as a way of listing all the possible outcomes of a variety of scenarios. Just last week, we began our unit on transformational geometry. Students are investigating translations, reflections and rotations, using their bodies as well as coordinate grids.  The grade 6's will begin a comprehensive math review before the students write the EQAO test, just after the Victoria Day weekend.

If you are curious about what any of the previous years’ EQAO tests have looked like, you can see test samples (as well as sample answers) at


In science, the grade 6's are continuing our space unit. So far, we have talked about the planets in our solar system, and had a lot of fun researching how human's basic needs are met in space!
The grade 5's are busy working on their structures that will withstand natural forces and protect their imaginary animal. These will be due at the end of May.

We are so proud of everyone who represented our school at the annual Heritage Fair, which was held a few weeks back, at the Simcoe County Museum. Our students did an amazing job representing Minesing! You all did an amazing job!

We are looking forward to a busy month!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

April 20th, 2017

We have had a busy week talking about descriptive writing and solving algebraic equations!

Right now in math we are finishing up our unit on solving equations using inspection. An equation must remained balanced and so isolating the variable, then making sure to do the same thing on both sides of the equation has been a key learning. The grade 6's have been challenging themselves by completing practice problems for their upcoming EQAO assessments. Together we are discussing how we can "bump up" our open responses by communicating our thinking more clearly and concisely.

We began the descriptive writing unit by talking about vivid imagery and using the 5 senses to engage the reader. Students came up with great examples from their personal novels! They eventually moved to writing very descriptive pieces about their favorite foods. I found myself feeling famished after reading them.

Education week is just aroun the corner and the students have been working hard to complete their "Norval Morriseau" oil pastel masterpieces. These will be displayed in the school for all to see May 1-5.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

April Showers bring May poems!!!!

Here is some information about our school poetry competition. It will take place on Tuesday,May 9 at 9:20 a.m. in the Library.

For those of you new to the school, we have a competition where junior students can perform their original poem or poems to the junior division in the library.

Learning  goals and success criteria will be provided in class soon!